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Mark S. Hennigh

A founding partner of Greene Radovsky Maloney Share & Hennigh LLP, Mark provides legal counsel in a broad range of real estate transactions, including leasing, acquisition, construction, financing, development, tax-deferred exchanges, energy, environmental, and regulatory. He represents lenders, owners, developers, landlords, constructors of power plants, office buildings, regional and strip shopping centers, and industrial/warehouse facilities. His tenant clients include nationally recognized retailers and restaurants, law firms, accountants, motel and hotel owners/operators, software/computer companies, dispute resolution providers, and consultants.

Mark also has a substantial energy practice, focusing on all aspects of representation of independent power producers, lenders, construction contractors and landowners, including financing, development, acquisition, fuel and power purchase agreements, FERC certification, environmental permitting, and advice on navigating the deregulated electric industry in California. Mark’s energy practice also includes representation of a power plant design/engineering firm.

Mark is a LEED accredited professional.


Solar Projects

Webberville Solar Project, Austin, Texas – 30 MW

Landowner Representation – Utility Scale Photovoltaic Project – Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties, California

National Industries, San Francisco, California – Solar Power Partners rooftop photovoltaic system

National big box retailer, California and Arizona – – 40 to 60 stores – Negotiated Sunpower photovoltaic rooftop system, negotiated master power purchase agreement and master lease

Utility Scale Solar Project – San Bernardino County, California

Representative Solar Clients

Cogenra   |   Foresight Solar   |   Moncada Energy USA   |   Agave Partners

A G Power Solutions BV   |   Renewable Energy Systems

Wind Projects

Cedar Point, Colorado – 250 MW

Talbot, Ontario Canada – 99 MW

Greenwich, Ontario, Canada – 99 MW

Landowner Representation, Tehachapi, California – Approx 300 MW

Buena Vista, Altamont Pass, California – 30 MW

Tres Vaqueros, Altamont Pass, California – 30 MW

Patterson Pass, Altamont Pass, California – 30 MW

Cameron Ridge, Tehachapi, California – 60 MW

Pacific Crest, Tehachapi, California – 46.9 MW

Llano Estacado, Clovis, NM – 0.66 MW

Woodward Mountain, TX – 160 MW

King Mountain, TX – 278 MW

Nine Canyon, Washington State – 48.1 MW

Nine Canyon II, Washington State – 15.6 MW

Sweetwater Wind Project Phase 2, Sweetwater, TX – 91.5 MW

Ainsworth Wind Project Ainsworth, NE – 59.40 MW

Hopkins Ridge Wind Farm Dayton, Washington – 149.4 MW

Wild Horse Wind Farm, Ellensburg Washington – 230 MW

Mesquite Wind Farm Abilene TX – 100 MW

Sweetwater V Wind Project, Sweetwater TX – 200 MW

Post Oak Wind Project Abilene TX – 200 MW

White Creek Wind Project – 205 MW

Marengo Wind Farm Dayton, Washington – 140.4 MW

Bridger Butte, Wyoming

Somerset, Pennsylvania

Montezuma Hills, Rio Vista, California – 162 MW

Grapevine Canyon, Flagstaff, Arizona

Hatchet Ridge, Shasta, California – 99 MW

Hydro Quebec RFP, Quebec, Canada

Owaissa, Arizona

Fenton, Murray and Noble Counties, Minnesota – 205.5 MW

Chandler, Minnesota

High Plains, Albany and Carbon Counties, Wyoming – 99MW

Bull Creek III, Borden County, Texas – 180 MW

Armenia Mountain, Tioga and Bradford Counties, Pennsylvania – 100 MW

Granite Mountain, San Bernardino County, CA – up to 70 MW

Harvest Wind, Roosevelt Washington – 98.9 MW


Big Island, Hawaii   |   San Joaquin Valley Energy Partners I

Chowchilla I   |   Chowchilla II   |   El Nido   |   Madera

Cogeneration Projects

Jackson Valley Energy Partners, Ione, CA


Representative Transactions

  • Assist in development of San Mateo County landfill gas project
  • Acquisition and redevelopment of major hotel in Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • Development of shopping center in Marin County, California
  • Representation of bank “tax equity” participant in 200 MW wind project
  • Acquisition of San Francisco Port lease and vessel
  • Financing of 100-unit residential and commercial condominium project in Oakland, California
  • Sale, reverse exchange and Starker exchange of multiple San Francisco Financial District office buildings
  • Lease of industrial warehouse in Tennessee
  • Sale of optical company facility in Portland, Oregon
  • Negotiation of turbine supply agreements with Siemens, Vestas and General Electric
  • Negotiation of stock sale of independent wind developer
  • Advise and structure start-up wind developer (including debt and equity)
  • Negotiations with Safeway and Albertson’s regarding development and site disposition
  • Negotiate wind development options and leases in Altamont Pass, California
  • Represent Italian investors in Starker exchange of California properties for New York, Florida and California properties


Current and former entertainment, hotel and restaurant clients, venues and projects upon which Mr. Hennigh has worked

  • Bill Graham Presents
  • Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California
  • Concord Pavilion, Concord, California
  • Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California
  • Punchline Comedy Club, San Francisco/Oakland, California
  • Wolfgang’s Nightclub, San Francisco, California
  • Bimbo’s 365, San Francisco, California
  • Fillmore East, New York, New York
  • Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, California
  • Max’s Opera Café, San Francisco, California
  • In-N-Out Burger, multiple locations, Northern California
  • Mountain Aire Festival, Angels Camp, California
  • Curran Theater, San Francisco, California
  • Canterbury Hotel, San Francisco, California
  • Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, California


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  • American College of Real Estate Lawyers
  • Practicing Law Institute
  • California Continuing Education of the Bar
  • Continuing Legal Education
  • Building Owners and Managers Association
  • International Council of Shopping Centers
  • American Law Institute – American Bar Association


J.D., Georgetown University Law Center

Journal of Law and Policy in International Business

B.A. (cum laude), Dartmouth College