We handle bankruptcy constructively.

Our firm regularly represents creditors in bankruptcy, insolvency, and creditors’ and rights matters, both in and outside of bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy attorneys represent landlords, secured and unsecured lenders, and equipment finance ggggcompanies in debt restructurings and bankruptcy proceedings. Although our practice is creditor-oriented, our bankruptcy lawyers also have valuable experience representing individual, corporate, and partnership debtors in business restructurings and successful Chapter 11 reorganizations.

Our bankruptcy tax specialists assist corporate, partnership, and individual clients involved in out-of-court debt restructuring or bankruptcy; related entities seeking maximum advantage from the tax attributes of each entity; creditors seeking to maximize their recoveries by optimizing the tax consequences of enforcement proceedings; and clients who are acquiring or liquidating interests in or assets from insolvent businesses.


  • Enforcement of creditors rights, both pre- and post-bankruptcy
  • Motions to modify the automatic stay to allow recovery of collateral or pursuit of remedies
  • Disputes concerning claims in bankruptcy
  • Purchase and sale of assets in bankruptcy
  • Assumption and rejection of leases and other contractual arrangements
  • Challenges to proposed plans of reorganization